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What Basic Riding Equipment Does Your Young Horse Rider Need?

With enthusiasm and a “I-got-this attitude,” your young rider will feel ready to hop on a pony for her first ride. Although she might have the right mindset, she also needs the right equipment to ensure her first ride is safe and enjoyable.

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dressing for a horse show

How to Dress Your Child for a Horse Show

If your child plans to compete in an English horse show, what should she wear? (Read this article for tips on Western horse show attire.) Although several factors dictate the what-to-wear decision (including type/level of show, class, age of rider, and trainer preference), dressing your child for a horse show generally includes a few essentials, plus several nice-to-have accessories.

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horse show preparation

Top 5 Tips for Horse Show Preparation

After months of training, you are ready to compete in a horse show. But what steps should you take for horse show preparation?

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horse show guide for parents

A Parent’s Guide to Horse Shows

When your child makes the leap from horse rider to horse show competitor, a whole new world opens up. At first, it’s a bit overwhelming trying to understand the ins and outs of competitions. To give you a quick snapshot of what to expect when your child starts competing, this brief horse show guide for […]

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Hair bows for horse shows

Who Needs to Wear Hair Bows for Horse Shows?

Heading off to compete in a horse show? Whether it’s your first time in the ring or you are a seasoned pro, you (and your hair) need to look good in the saddle. Often, this means topping your hairstyle off with a hair bow. But how you style your hair depends on your riding discipline, length of hair, and your age and size. Confused? Let’s break it down so you understand who really needs to wear hair bows for horse shows.

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best bows for girls’ hair

What Are the Best Bows for Girls’ Hair?

Looking to add a little panache to a special girl’s outfit? Top off her look with an amazing hair bow. As one of the most versatile, must-have accessories every girl should own, hair bows allow a girl to express her individuality. In fact, even adults love hair bows, as seen on the runway this spring! […]

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guide to hair bows

Do Bow Size and Shape Matter?

Imagine this scenario: You have prepared for months to excel in your class, making sure you and your pony showcase your precision-perfect winning moves. You’ve prepared your attire from head to toe, ensuring your safety and reflecting your style. And, to highlight your individuality, you’ve adorned your braids with large, colorful hair bows, which draped […]

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Hair Ribbons

Braiding Guidelines and Hair Ribbons

With the 2017 Wellington and Ocala circuits beginning, parents all over the country are preparing and putting together the show outfits for their pony rider. Picking out the right bows and how their daughters hair should be worn is always a big question! One bow, two bows or no bows! The preferred traditional style of […]

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Wear a Hair Ribbon Bow

5 Easy Steps to Wear a Hair Ribbon Bow

Have you ever wondered how a hair bow can look simply perfect and keeps it shape during a long day of showing? How are the intricately tied bows that pony riders wear to every show produced? The answer is simple: PonyTail Bows! At PonyTail Bows, we are proud to offer a wide range of hair […]

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Equestrian Sport

The Olympics and the Equestrian Sport

The equestrian sport is graceful and beautiful to watch. Equestrian riders have a deep appreciation of horses and are the picture of skill and style. But did you know that in the Olympic games, the horse is considered just as much an athlete as the rider? In fact, this is the only Olympic event that […]

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equestrian bows

Girl Power with Equestrian Bows | Look, Feel & Perform Better

The smart equestrian knows how important it is to wear the right headgear. There are many types to choose from, but after you have taken the necessary precautions to prevent head injury, it’s time for the fashion-forward girl to choose the right equestrian bows. That’s where PonyTail Bows comes in: Time to Dress up, Play […]

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hair show bows

Captivating Girls of All Ages | Horse Show Hair Bows

Every girl loves having great hair. And many often look for the right accessories to add flair to their “mane”! At PonyTail Bows, we are dedicated to creating quality handcrafted horse show hair bows for girls of all ages who love to Dress up, Play hard and Stand out. Captivating Girls of all Ages From […]

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